Portuguese Coastal Route.

Day 7 of the Portuguese Coastal Route on the Camino de Santiago saw us travel from Baiona to Vigo. The February weather continued to be perfect for hiking.

Vigo is a significant place on the pilgrimage for many reasons. It is the largest city in Galicia. It also marks the roughly 100 kilometer mark from Santiago de Compostela. Why is this important? It’s the minimum distance pilgrims must document in order to receive their testimonium.

For pilgrims short on time, Vigo is therefore a popular place to start their journey.

The 15.5 mile walk involved our first substantial hills of the trip, and featured stunning views of the coast. At two points, the trail directed us onto the beach. We dipped our hands in the cold waves and watched as surfers hit the waves. 

Once again, the Spaniards have been lovely people, and literally came out of their houses to point out the correct paths.

Camino de Santiago Portuguese Coastal Route.

French Fries at McDonald’s

Somehow, McDonald’s always tastes better when you are in a different country. Three miles outside of our destination, we stopped to indulge in French fries, Spanish-style. Here, they are served with packets of Risketos, which are sprinkled liberally over the fries.



Vigo is a full-sized city, easily the largest we had seen since departing Porto. Whenever you spend several days either walking in nature, or in small towns, it’s always disconcerting to find a densely populated area full of luxuries.

The city is set on hills SO STEEP that on one street there are a series of artistic moving walkways. They carry people UP, but I think the only way to get down the street is to walk.

I’m sorry to say that with so many historic castles and churches, I did not do it proper justice. There’s a flu or some kind of sickness going around, and by the time we arrived in Vigo mid-afternoon, all my aunt and I wanted to do was rest and take it easy. We downed cup after cup of hot brews.

Unfortunately, I think part of the pilgrim experience is getting sick at some point. We are lucky it is not serious, and we are both able to continue on. I went a grocery story and brought back beef and vegetable stew, salad, chocolate and wine. We’ll re-assess our health again in the morning.

Portuguese Coastal Route

Wherever your journey takes you, Buon Camino!

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