Portuguese Coastal Route.

Day 8 of the Portuguese Coastal Route saw us travel from Vigo to Redondela. The distance (10 miles to our lodging) was the shortest we had traveled between Porto and Santiago de Compostela.

Leaving Vigo

Since Vigo is the last possible point at which pilgrims on the Portuguese Coastal Route can complete 100 kilometers (roughly 60 miles) and earn their Testimonium, I thought we would see a drastic uptick in pilgrims. If they are out walking, they must have started much earlier in the morning. We encountered a total of two: a good-looking Spanish couple.

Usually, I am suspicious of “short” days. In my experience, it usually means that the following day will be especially grueling. However, my aunt and I still have nasty head colds, and we both were excited about getting a semi-rest day. 

Although the first five minutes of trying to navigate out of the city were difficult, once we got on the route, things could not have been more simple or straightforward. Once again, Spanish authorities had designated the walking surface of the pilgrim route in YELLOW, with green paths designated specifically for bikes. It’s a very popular path amongst locals…quite a few were out strolling, exercising, or enjoying the beautiful weather.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

It being Sunday – a day when most places are closed – we had been concerned about the availability of open shops and restaurants. Happily, a restaurant was open for lunch, and we dined on some great food. Although we had only ordered calamari, the waiter generously brought out several delicious tiny bites from the kitchen for us to try.

When he asked if we wanted dessert, I was confused. I told him we had already enjoyed some light citrus pastries he had brought out earlier.

Smiling, he told me that was BREAKFAST food.

Whatever it was, we definitely enjoyed it, and will put the calories to good use. We’ve got a 15.5 mile hilly climb tomorrow.

Portuguese Coastal Route

Wherever your journey takes you, Buon Camino!

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