Day 13 of our Via Francigena pilgrimage was a stop in Torino due to illness.

Mom and Dan are both wretchedly sick. There is no chance of us walking anywhere today. We are puzzled as to how Dad and I have remained healthy, since we have all eaten the exact same meals. Perhaps it’s the gastritis that we’d been warned about?

Statistically, we knew one or all of us would get sick sometime this trip. It is still lousy to see them feeling so badly.

The hotel has been wonderful. We’ll see how things are looking tomorrow and go from there.


Breakfast: €3 ($3.19)

Lunch: €16 ($17.02)

Dinner: supermarket run

Lodging: €82 ($87.28)

By Katie Cerezo

Thank you so much for visiting. 😊 I have always loved traveling, and my legs are my primary means of transportation. It's a beautiful world, and I'm eager to explore it…one step at a time.

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